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Life seems to be one long string of attempts to get on track. I suppose there have been periods where I have stayed on track, but right now those feel distant and not frequent. The times I've been off track? So legion.

In other words, I went back to the gym this morning, with the intent that I should not stop going at any point unless it is a reason of impossibility and not merely inconvenience. (I now have to think through: is it impossible or inconvenient to figure out how to exercise before leaving for WorldCon on Friday? I do have to BE somewhere, after all, by a certain time, and it's more on the impossible side.)

I had been doing *some* exercise--a power walk here when running failed me, a stint in the garden there (and there, and there), painting the laundry room, cleaning the house--and I managed to bruise the crap out of my foot while standing on a ladder with no shoes while painting, so hey, adults, don't DO that (kids, I guess, can, 'cuz I used to... 25 years ago...).

But I was exercising half-assedly, and eating well half-assedly, since I got back from Wyoming, and that just can't keep flying. So. Saddle, I am in you.

The exciting news is, I timed my gym visit perfectly and had 10 minutes to soften my feet up in the whirlpool. Bruise aside, my feet have been tired for weeks, and a little hot bubble action worked wonders.
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Morning's effort to eat righter--meaning, hard push to get in the veg, not just a meandering, "Wellll... I guess I'll have a saaalad....."--led to semi-disaster.

Chard was slightly aged (well, poorly preserved, more like; it needed crisping up), and I had kidney beans, not black beans, on hand.

It wasn't a total disaster--the multi-colored peppers and the egg weren't enough to save it, but there was a container of salsa roja and a thumb of Irish cheddar who kept me from kicking the chard out completely.

If I just hadn't slept through the gym alarm, all would be grand. As it is, I took the extra time to prep dinner, prep the next two breakfasts, and prep a good lunch. Plus coffee. For which I've switched to soy creamer.

Now, for some strawberries.

PS, exercising "most days" instead of "I'll try for 3 days" is working out quite well. I haven't gone fewer than 5 days a week since I started. No movement on the scale beyond an initial 5 lbs, but I figure I had a lot of fat that needed conversion to muscle before it could start doing whatever it is that muscle does. The goal wasn't for the scale, though; the goal was for feeling great. And THAT is happening.
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Day three of awesome head and chest cold. I did go to work, to avoid boredom, so I'm not SUPER SICK, but I am going to bed as soon as I post this, though I'm shocked to see it's after ten. The evening just flies by when you get home at 7:30.

More on the Dodie Smith front. I read an essay called "Literary Executions" by Julian Barnes which was supposed to be about wresting control of film rights for I Capture the Castle back from Disney (which bought them up after the success of 101 Dalmations), but the essay proved to be nothing of the sort. It was a good essay, yes, and an entertaining one, and did discuss things like how Dodie Smith had heard once that the Japanese eat dogs, and refused to have her work published there, and how Barnes had to decide if Smith's misinformation meant that he should respect her wishes verbatim or go with the spirit of the wish and make her heirs another sum of money. It was an interesting essay for other reasons, too, like how being a literary executor (and a conscientious one at that) is a way to pay back a writing mentor.

Have not done Greek in weeks, and no gym in days. Fitness report. )

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