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1) I am NOT halfway, but I FEEL halfway through the crush of events of this summer.  Two down, two to go, except there are really more than two left.  The lies we tell ourselves?  But attending Mythcon won't require any real preparation.

2) Of course, I have copyedits now, so the hustle gets going now for reals, and also I have to weed my garden.

3) My cats are getting old.  The Maine coon clings like a colicky baby sometimes.

4) I worry about how Handbook is selling, because the Bookscan numbers do not look good compared to TPC, which in turn was not in best-seller land.  I try to tell myself Bookscan doesn't actually know anything.  Then I try to stop worrying because, boy, talk about things that are FAR out of my hands.

5) Is Winnie the Pooh a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor? Discuss.

Date: 2013-06-27 03:39 am (UTC)
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4) You know i'm good for a few copies, FWIW! :D ... and by the way, i just finished TPC and totally dug it. Srsly, i know i've had the book for 6 months, but i actually finished a book! ... even a fiction book! ... and there was no mass transit involved!! This is a big deal for me, but i promised you i'd really really read it for real and i did! :)

So i'm ready for New Book now. ... just in time! We'll be in the state in August -- maybe i'll sneak buy some then?

5) Being a bear of little brain, Hufflepuff.

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